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About Fields Performance Company

The Fields Performance Company was founded in 2011 by co-directors Cindi Fields and Lori Dangerfield to provide the young dancers of Fields Dance Studio a broader spectrum of opportunities in the world of dance.

Through attending workshops and competitions, this group of dedicated dancers seeks to better their craft and prepare themselves for whatever the stage has to offer. With the support of incredibly supportive families and hardworking coaches and choreographers, they gain recognition and win scholarships.

The Fields Performance Company performs in area parades, seasonal shows, and local events, raising money for scholarships and to benefit local charities. Company members build character through learning to be gracious, dedicated, and having integrity.

In conjunction with Fields Dance Studio, dancers will find a full spectrum of dance opportunities, including tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, pointe, hip hop, contemporary, and conditioning, plus a variety of workshops and intensives from a variety of knowledgable instructors.

The members of the FIelds Performacne Company are assigned to one of the following sub-companies suited to their age and skill level:

  • Mini
  • Junior
  • Senior

Fields Perfromance Company Requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met for participation in the Fields Performance Company:
  • Minimum age: 5 yrs
  • Dance Experience
    • Age 5-8 yrs
      • 1 full season of ballet
      • Enrolled in jazz
    • Age 9+ yrs
      • 1 full season of ballet
      • 1 full season of jazz or lyrical
    • Age 9+ yrs (not including pre-school programs)
      • 3 yrs ballet
      • 3 yrs jazz
      • 2 yrs ballet technique
      • 2 yrs lyrical or contemporary
  • Attendance at a group or private company placement, or acceptance through invitation of a company director
  • Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult with supportive, postive, team-spirited attitude
  • Attendance at choreography workshops

Classes taken at other studios will be considered by the company director based on qualifications of the other studio's program.

FIelds Performance Company Auditions

Open placements are held in June. Private or small group placements can be scheduled through the end of September. Audition announcements and information are posted on our Facebook page.

Contact Information

Fields Dance Studio
596 Hemlock Road
Newport News, Virginia, USA
(757) 596-5113
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